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1 Player Games

It’s not always that you have a companion to play a game with, and so there are those games that are meant to be played by one single person. Where’s the fun in that? You are about to find out in the Y8 1 player games. With a wide-array of games to choose from, you could find the fun that you’re looking for within a single player game that will surely satisfy your search for enjoyment. At Y8, the games are not only fun but also educational. Starting from the exciting puzzle and word-hunt games filled with colorful pictures and characters. If you are more into adventure, there’s lots of role-playing games where you get to be the character that you control, going through different levels, completing missions or quests, fighting monsters, or even rescuing your loved one such as a princess just like the good old Mario. Experience things that are to come your way as you go on with life, suitable for all ages and pleasant on the eyes. Just like parking a car in a grocery’s parking lot, baking cakes and cupcakes or cooking delicious meals, dressing-up characters for a special occasions. But of course, Y8 1 player games would not be complete without the fun-filled thrill of shooting-games, whether it maybe in a form of first-person shooting, overlooking outer-space, fighting crime, getting rid of zombies, being a robot with extreme weapons, or even just a normal person who saves lives or the world from destruction and evil. You can even go into strategic games that would really give your brains a test, solving problems, finding out which is which, and a whole lot more. With single-player games you get the advantage of being what you want, doing what you desire. It’s not always about teaming-up with someone or competing. Believe it or not, playing by yourself really brings out a lot of fun together with what Y8 games has in store for you. So are you ready for some fun?!