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Bubbles Games

There are heaps of things that you can do with bubbles especially in games. It’s a guarantee that the most fun part would be bursting those bubbles. But let us put some challenge and creativity to them which best describes these bubble games. Like matching the colors of the bubbles, sticking them together, and bursting them all at the same time to gain some points. You can also control a pointy thing that enables you to pop the bubbles while floating away. And to make it more interesting, how about some cartoon characters doing the bursts. We all know that SpongeBob and Patrick love to blow bubbles and to pop them as well. Don’t think that it will be easy all the way because most of the bubble games give you a time limit and a certain amount of points to score to clear out a stage in order for you to reach the next level which is undoubtedly more challenging. Enough of all that, if you want some colorful enjoyment, then start bursting some bubbles!