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Fighting Games

The Internet has a lot of games for boys that many men would also love to play. Fighting games are all over the internet and some websites have them to entertain visitors. Creators of these games know how much boys are thrilled to play them especially when they win over an enemy. Games of this kind vary from fighting spacecrafts to medieval knights on horseback with lances. Boys simply want to play games like fights they watch on television or in the movies. 
One of the fighting games is The Lance. The characters are medieval knights on horseback going at each other with their lances. Movies of this kind of fight are a fantasy for young boys that they would even re-enact galloping on their feet with an extended arm as the lance. Opponents are also called out like in the movies to challenge the player. A boy loves the feeling of being challenged in this game like in the good old times. This is one fantasy for boys that they can almost feel and enjoy.