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Football Games

Believe it or not, playing football in online games can be as much as fun playing them in reality. The only disadvantage is you don’t get much of exercise aside from your fingers moving around your keyboard and mouse. But there are also the advantages, like not getting injured, you get to play in different leagues and competitions, you don’t get wet when playing football in the rain. And the best part of these football games is you get to play football in many ways you’ve never imagined. In these games, you can be in the quarterback or running-back position. You can play them using other characters not limited football players. You even get to control the whole team to win a championship. To make it unique, how about defeating mythical opponents like a dragon using your football or soccer ball to rescue someone. I’m sure that just reading about it already gives you the excitement of playing it. So don’t hold back, get a feel of the football games. Start planning your play and go for the win!